Draft Masterplan – December 2013

A2Dominion is one of the country’s leading providers of high-quality housing for sale, shared ownership and rent. As well as leading on the Masterplan for NW Bicester, A2Dominion is the lead developer for the first, Exemplar, phase.

During the course of 2013, A2Dominion prepared its draft masterplan for NW Bicester, which will be used to guide the future development of the eco-town.

The information below sets out details relating to the draft masterplan, which formed the basis of a public exhibition hosted by A2Dominion in December 2013.

 Masterplan overview – what makes NW Bicester different?

 New zero carbon homes

 Green spaces and landscaping

 Highways and access arrangements

 Community facilities

 Employment provision

 Creating a community-led local management structure

 One Planet Living at NW Bicester – the Exemplar


Download the exhibition here.