Creating a Community-led Local Management Structure

Our goal at North West Bicester is to create a community that is vibrant, resilient and truly integrated with the wider town.

As well as setting out its vision to ensure that eco towns are exemplars of good practice and provide a showcase for sustainable living, PPS1 is clear in reinforcing the importance of community and governance in these developments. Planning applications should be accompanied by long term governance structures for the development designed so that they can reflect the composition and unique needs of the local community.

The approach and commitment of A2Dominion to deliver a community governance structure has been written into the planning agreement for the first stage of the North West Bicester development and is embedded in the S106 agreement:

Develop a local management organisation (LMO) that will;

  • Uphold, promote and progress low carbon living
  • Support the creation of social capital and social cohesion for Bicester
  • Allow those that live and work in the development a voice in how community assets are managed
  • Be flexible and respond effectively to the needs of the first occupants and the needs of future occupants
  • Ensure that the owners and developers take consideration of the Community Benefit over all stages of the development, enhancing the wellbeing of those who live and work there.