Employment Provision

North West Bicester will be a mixed use scheme, supporting the creation of local jobs within a sustainable travel distance of the site.

The employment proposals have been designed to complement provision elsewhere in Bicester, not compete with it. For example:

  • Some retail, leisure and local service jobs are best located in the town centre
  • Large scale warehousing could be located elsewhere in more strategic locations with stronger existing road and rail links.

The Masterplan makes provision for circa 4,000 jobs to be created on site, including:

  • 2,000 at the proposed business park in the South West corner of the site, to be designed in-keeping with the wider eco-development principles. This site was chosen as the most accessible location and will incorporate buffers which enable it to fit well with surrounding uses.
  • 1,000 local service jobs within the proposed community and business hubs including schools, retail, the health centre and eco-business centre.
  • 1,000 home based jobs with opportunities to provide extra space to enable home working and access to 100mbps broadband.

The mix of jobs on the eco development could include:

  • Environmental goods and services, including sustainable construction
  • High performance engineering
  • Other knowledge-intensive, light manufacturing, logistics
  • Business, financial and professional services serving a local and regional market
  • Local training and apprenticeships linked to construction on site.