Highways and Access Arrangements

The aspiration of the North West Bicester Masterplan is to encourage non-car use with alternative means of sustainable transport, but ensure that the highways and access arrangements are fit for purpose and provide connectivity to existing routes.

Strategic access

  • Ensure future access and connectivity works with the surrounding area and the new proposed development
  • Ensure there are good connections within the development between all facilities
  • Ensure the development is well connected to the rest of Bicester
  • Enable a frequent and high-quality bus service to be provided
  • Give priority to strong walking, cycling and bus connections
  • Minimise traffic going through existing communities.

Bus network

Bus routes will be designed to take residents in the most direct route possible to key destinations in Bicester including local centres, employment sites, public transport interchanges.

  • A bus service to be provided with frequent, direct links to the town centre, schools and local facilities
  • Bus routes will be strategically designed to encourage bus travel over car use
  • Real-time bus information to be provided in every home.

Walking and cycling

High-quality: routes must be of a high quality with all-weather surfacing, well lit and easily maintained.

Safe: routes should have natural surveillance to increase user safety. Where possible pedestrians and cyclists shall be segregated to minimise potential conflicts, with walking and cycling routes segregated from vehicular routes. Safety should be ensured by providing routes of adequate widths with numerous crossing points.

Signage and marketing: walking and cycling routes should be branded and marketed with essential information on routes, destinations, directions and distance; to ensure that residents of Bicester are aware of routes in the area.