Masterplan Overview – what makes NW Bicester different?

The Masterplan is intended to set out the framework for the future North West Bicester development and will be used to help guide all forthcoming planning applications.

Planning Policy Statement (PPS1) standards for the development of eco towns sets out fundamental principles for the North West Bicester Masterplan to follow, including:

  • Up to 6,000 homes built
  • Ensuring a mix of affordable housing is included, in line with CDC’s requirements
  • 40% public and private green space throughout
  • Creating jobs within a sustainable travel distance
  • Achieving a zero carbon standard for the development
  • Attaining a modal shift in travel patterns to encourage non-car use
  • Homes built to minimum code level 4 for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM excellence
  • Make best use of technologies in energy generation
  • Future climate change adaptation incorporated within homes
  • Real time energy and travel monitoring in every home
  • High levels of energy efficiency in the fabric of the building
  • Primary schools located within 800m of all homes
  • Enabling local food production
  • Attaining a net gain in local bio-diversity
  • Achieving water neutrality
  • Zero waste to landfill during construction
  • Commitment towards a Local Management Organisation

Proposed urban boulevard

Proposed urban boulevard Image