An eco-town needs a strong community of people committed to working together to achieve an exceptional quality of life for everyone.

Community is essential

We have two main goals for North West Bicester:

  1. We want it to become a real community of people, where you know your neighbour and take green living to heart
  2. We want it to become a natural and essential part of Bicester itself

Elmsbrook is not about living apart from others but about pulling together to make life better for each other and for the environment.

Easy to meet and mingle

We’ve designed Elmsbrook to make it an easy place to meet and mingle with your neighbours. The children will take to it straight away with community streets that are safe for playing on bikes and scooters, and fun play areas to meet their friends. We’ve placed the community facilities – the shops, café, pub, allotments and BBQs – at the heart of the town, to bring a real buzz to the place.

Making links with the existing community

To help us grow an active and integrated community we are working alongside several existing organisations and groups within Bicester on projects and initiatives that will benefit both existing and new residents. These groups include: Bicester Vision, Chamber of Commerce, Grassroots Bicester, Green Gym, Bicester Town Council, Oxfordshire Youth Arts Project, Bicester Local History Society, local churches, and resident’s associations.

Community Activities

We know that bricks and mortar alone don’t make a community.  That’s why to help bring the new North West Bicester community together; we are designing and investing in a programme of community development initiatives and activities.  These will help to foster community spirit with ‘welcome to your home’ events and educate residents about how to use their new eco-homes and make green lifestyle choices.

From day one an interim community meeting facility will be onsite to provide residents with an informal meeting space while the community centre is being built.

Committed to creating jobs

One of our key aims is to create jobs, both in the building phase and throughout the future growth of North West Bicester. We’ve launched a local business portal to make it easy for local businesses and labourers to register their interest and get involved in the building phase of Elmsbrook.