Community Governance

Communities work better when everyone involved has a say. Living in the Exemplar, you’ll get a real chance to influence how your neighbourhood develops.

A community that shapes its own future

A strong community is vital to the success of an eco development. That’s why we’re getting existing stakeholders and new North West Bicester residents involved from the very beginning so you can shape the future of your own neighbourhoods.

Local management structure

We’re creating a local management structure so that the community can make its own decisions about what goes on in their neighbourhoods.

The community could be responsible for:

  • The way facilities are run and maintained
  • How income is generated and invested
  • Activities to build community spirit
  • Promote the ethos of the Green Charter

Real Community: Case Study

One Planet Community

BedZED in Hackbridge is the UK’s first large-scale sustainable community with 100 homes, plus businesses and community space.

Real relationships

On average a BedZED resident knows 20 of their neighbours by name. One woman could name 150 of her neighbours. The average in the surrounding area is just eight.

Real lifestyle change

A total 84% of BedZED residents say they have a better quality of life.

They’re a strong community of people who’ve influenced each other to make lifestyle changes such as increasing recycling rates to 60% and making sustainable food choices.