The First Phase – Elmsbrook

Construction of the ground-breaking first phase of North West Bicester  – Elmsbrook – is underway

Elmsbrook is a showcase of eco-development, providing homes, jobs, a community and a greener environment for Bicester residents. Elmsbrook will show how sustainable neighbourhoods make green living easy and benefit the whole community.

Elmsbrook is the first step

Lead developers and affordable housing provider A2Dominion, in partnership with Cherwell District Council, has been planning this for a number of years. Elmsbrook is just the first phase of a Masterplan to create up to 6,000 new homes in North West Bicester.

Elmsbrook is the first stage to be developed on the North West Bicester site with 393 zero carbon homes, a primary school, a local shop, an eco-pub and a community centre.

Attractive, affordable, sustainable housing

Elmsbrook will have 393 attractive and individual homes built using the latest green technologies to make sustainable living easy and appealing.

Jobs for local residents

Elmsbrook will create jobs for Bicester residents, not only during the building phase but also into the future.

A strong community

We’ve put the school, community centre, shop and business hub at the heart of the development to create a village feel. To help make Elmsbrook accessible for everyone in the Bicester community, 30 per cent of homes are to be offered as affordable housing.

Protect wildlife and the environment

We’ll safeguard the natural biodiversity of the site by incorporating existing hedgerows, wildlife corridors and ponds into the layout. 40 per cent of Elmsbrook will be green, open space.

Greener transport and energy

Household bills and CO² emissions will be lower thanks to cutting-edge technology including solar panels and shared utilities such as a district heating plant. And we’ve designed Elmsbrook to make it easy and safe to get around on foot, bike or bus. Cycle routes will also connect with existing networks into town.

Key figures

For the first phase Elmsbrook will have:

  • 393 zero carbon homes
  • 119 affordable homes for rent or shared ownership
  • 17500m² – the total area of all the solar panels planned, creating the UK’s largest domestic solar energy array
  • 40% of land devoted to wildlife and biodiversity
  • 50% of journeys made by car, compared to the Bicester average of 67.5%
  • 0% emissions from every home