We believe in building partnerships as well as building homes. We work with our local communities and with organisations across the world to achieve One Planet Living.

Partners in the local community

North West Bicester is building the future of Bicester and we can only do that through genuine partnerships with those who live here. That’s why we have and will continue to consult with the wider Bicester community throughout this project and into the future.

Partners across the world

We’re connected to sustainability experts in national and international organisations who are working together for a better future.


A2Dominion is one of the country’s leading providers of high quality housing. It provides over 34,000 homes across London and southern England, with thousands more in development.

A2Dominion is the lead developer for North West Bicester and is developing the first phase of the scheme — Exemplar’s 393 homes.

A2Dominion also leads the community engagement plans and local supplier initiatives (business portal) to make sure local residents and businesses are involved from the first stage of the development.

Cherwell District Council

Cherwell District Council is the planning body behind North West Bicester.

In 2007 Cherwell District Council suggested North West Bicester to the Government as a potential eco-town site. North West Bicester was later announced as one of the Government’s four pioneering eco-town developments.

The council wants to make Bicester a place where new communities are built to high environmental standards; a place where people across the town can enjoy more sustainable lifestyles with first-rate public transport and zero carbon technology.

Eco Bicester

Cherwell District Council, Oxfordshire County Council and Bicester Town Council have together developed Eco Bicester. The vision of Eco Bicester is to develop the town as a whole, so that all the residents of Bicester and the surrounding area enjoy a higher quality of life while reducing their impact on the environment.

Bicester Vision

Bicester Vision is an independent public/private partnership that brings together all the major stakeholders in Bicester to work together to make the most of the town’s future. It fully backed the application to Government for the creation of an eco-town at North West Bicester.

Grassroots Bicester

Grassroots Bicester is a community group set up to create a greener Bicester. Events organised by Grassroots Bicester include regular ‘Freecycling…Live’ events, a specialised Gardening & DIY Freecycling day and annual Eco Bicester day.

The group works closely with Oxford County Council, Bicester Vision and the Eco Bicester team from Cherwell District Council to help deliver the Eco Bicester vision across the whole town.


Bioregional is an award-winning social enterprise that helps establish sustainable developments and business. It works with partners around the world to demonstrate that a sustainable future is attractive and affordable.

A member of the Bioregional team is working full time with Cherwell District Council and A2Dominion on a sustainable masterplan that incorporates eco activities across the whole town and considers the latest, most efficient eco technologies, green infrastructure and best practice.