The Exemplar is the first part of the long-term strategy to create the first eco-town in the UK.

We are working to deliver a greener, yet practical and realistic way of life for North West Bicester residents through the incorporation of sustainable features. These include the build of highly efficient, true zero carbon homes with rainwater harvesting, the ability to grow your own food and make alternative transport choices and methods to help reduce your energy use.


Aerial boundary plan

We’ve designed the Exemplar, as the first phase of North West Bicester, to strengthen and integrate with the rest of Bicester. We plan to transform Bicester into one of the UK’s leading eco-towns. Our 20 year plan is to build an organic extension of Bicester with the creation of up to 6,000 sustainable homes.

What will life in Exemplar look like?

Residents will be able to choose from a range of attractive, individual homes all built to true zero carbon standards and to a generous size, on a site that encourages biodiversity.

Every home is within easy walking or cycle reach of important local facilities like the primary school, bus stops and shops, so you won’t have to use the car for as many journeys. Each home will be a maximum of just 400m from a bus stop.

Easy to walk and cycle around

Creating a bustling village centre is essential. We’ll set up a range of shops, businesses and community facilities on your doorstep, reducing the need to drive.

Planned green, open spaces

You’ll benefit from green, open spaces.

Over 40 per cent of the space in North West Bicester has been set aside for open spaces that encourage biodiversity.

Examples of proposed lighting types (subject to change)

We’ll use low-energy lighting to create safe streets with less light pollution.