Sustainable living is most successful when it’s easy. Whether that’s living in a highly efficient, well-built home, enjoying lower energy bills or knowing when the next bus is due without leaving home.

Energy efficient homes surrounded by great facilities

Elmsbrook’s zero carbon homes are well-designed, energy-efficient and individually styled. They are comfortable practical spaces to live and work in and boast a range of energy saving features that save you money.

The layout of Elmsbrook means that every home is within easy reach of important local facilities. This helps cut journeys by car keeping the streets safer and less congested, reducing the reliance on the car.

Whether you choose to cycle, walk or go by bus you’ll find it easy to get around. And even if you stay in you’re well connected to the outside world by superfast broadband of a minimum 100MB per second.

And because Elmsbrook features a much higher than average proportion of open spaces, your surroundings add to the quality of life too.