We’ve sourced the best low carbon ways to generate sustainable energy, so you’ll have more efficient heating and lower energy bills.

One of the best ways to live sustainably and reduce our carbon footprint is to use low carbon energy.

Generating our own electricity

With solar panels on every rooftop, the Exemplar will feature the UK’s largest domestic solar array (equivalent to two and a half football pitches).

The array will generate enough electricity to power 528 typical UK homes and save the average household living in North West Bicester approximately 30 per cent of their typical energy bills.

District heating for everyone

Instead of a boiler in every house, heating and hot water will come from a gas-fired Combined Heat and Power district heating system, providing heating and hot water to every home via a network of pipes. With one of the lowest carbon footprints of all fossil fuel generation plants, it’s very energy efficient, easy to maintain, and keeps heating bills lower than average.

Energy efficient homes

We’re building the Exemplar to a high level of sustainability (Code Level 5), so we’ll use a timber frame design and triple glazing for highly insulated and draught proof homes. The fitted appliances will also be rated high energy efficient.

Cutting journeys cuts energy

Driving uses a lot of energy, creates pollution and it’s expensive. We’ve designed the Exemplar to make it easy for you to cycle safely, walk to the shops or catch the bus instead. We aim to help you cut the number of journeys made by car down to 50 per cent.  67.5 per cent of journeys in Bicester are currently made by car.

A local bus service will provide real-time information accessible from within your home, with the nearest bus stop a maximum distance of 400m from your front door. The Exemplar will also be home to the UK’s first, semi-rural car club and each home will have access to an electric car charging point.

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