Getting Around

To reduce the need for car journeys, we’ve designed a town that makes it easier to walk or take the bus.

We all know the problems caused by too many cars on our roads; congestion, pollution, stress and child safety issues.

To make life healthier and safer, we’ve thought hard about how to reduce the need for car journeys. We want to cut the number of journeys each person takes by car from the Bicester average of 67.5 per cent down to under 50 per cent.

With that in mind, we’ve designed Elmsbrook to make it easy to walk, cycle or catch the bus — and to encourage cars to slow down.

To encourage walking:

  • Streets give ample room to pedestrians and cyclists as well as cars
  • Kerb-less pavements slow drivers down and make life safer for pedestrians
  • Key facilities (schools and shops) within easy walking distance

To encourage cycling:

  • A safe cycle network throughout the Exemplar links to the rest of Bicester
  • Safe and convenient places to leave bikes — with cycle stores throughout North West Bicester and for every home

To encourage using public transport:

  • A comprehensive network of bus journeys with connections to Bicester every 15 minutes
  • Every home will be within 400 metres of a bus stop
  • An in-home information system, called Shimmy, will give you up-to-date information about when the next bus arrives at your closest bus stop

To choose when and how to use a car:

Of course there will be times when you need to use a car and each home will have sufficient parking. But we’ve made it easy to make your car journeys greener:

  • Everything in easy reach for shorter car journeys (no out-of-town shopping centres needed)
  • A car club –  with a pool of community electric cars available; book one when you need it
  • A charging point at every house and in communal areas to encourage the use of electric cars