Local Lettings Plan

This is a resident’s plan with a difference, for local people who want to make a difference… in their community and to their environment.

Creating affordable housing

We want to create a vibrant, mixed community in the Exemplar that reflects Bicester as a whole. That’s why 30 per cent of the Exemplar homes will be affordable housing; with 93 homes for affordable rent and 26 for shared ownership.

Local homes for Local People

We’ve created a lettings plan to make sure most of the affordable housing goes to people with a Bicester connection. 70 per cent of the successful applicants will work, train, or do regular volunteer work. We’ve done that to foster strong links to Bicester and make Exemplar a real extension of the existing local community.

Resident’s Green Charter

We want everyone involved to play an important part in North West Bicester. As part of the Local lettings Plan we have drawn up our Resident’s Green Charter to encourage people to commit to a sustainable lifestyle.  Residents will commit under the Charter to walk and cycle wherever possible, recycle all household waste and use the eco features of their home to reduce energy consumption.