Open Spaces

The Exemplar is designed to encourage the natural habitats of the wildlife that lives here.

A better place for wildlife

We’re creating an eco-town that encourages wildlife. We’ve designed the Exemplar around many of the existing hedgerows and river corridors that encourage biodiversity. Our focus is on safeguarding and enhancing existing plant life and wildlife and to actively improve it for future generations.

Increasing Bicester’s biodiversity assets forms a key part of the plans for the North West Bicester eco town, with the Exemplar phase of North West Bicester setting the standard for the project as a whole in order to achieve a net biodiversity gain.

A better place for you

Biodiversity is good for the economy and good for our health and well-being. With 40 per cent of the Exemplar left as open green space, wildlife can thrive and it’ll be an attractive and relaxing place for you to live.

How we’re encouraging wildlife in the Exemplar

Almost half of the Exemplar site is green open space. We’ve created a network of sustainable wildlife corridors and ponds to let creatures move around easily.

Fruit trees

Every house will have fruit trees in their garden to encourage wildlife – and fruit growing, of course.


You’ll be encouraged to grow your own vegetables on allotments.

Landscape-led play areas

The children’s play areas will be designed around the natural landscape and use natural features as part of the equipment.


Great consideration has been given to the protection of existing wildlife. The protection of badger setts and existing kestrel nests is a priority.

Green roofs

Green, self-maintaining, meadow-turf roofs will be present on every garage. A green wall will also be planted on the side of the district heating centre.