Resident’s Green Charter

The Resident’s Green Charter provides direction and focus for what NW Bicester is aiming to achieve while also ensuring the tools are in place to help residents meet their commitments.

A sustainable eco-town is only going to work if everyone who lives there embraces green thinking. We’ll ask all residents, regardless of tenure, to sign up to the Green Charter so everyone is involved, playing an important part in North West Bicester.

To help everyone understand how to live sustainably, we’ll talk them through the eco features of their homes and will co-ordinate activities and events to help residents get the most from green technology and the green community they live in.

Excerpt from Resident’s Green Charter

  • We will take part in surveys that measure our impact on the environment
  • We will look for ways to waste as little as possible by recycling, and report any problems that may stop us from recycling
  • We will learn how to grow our own food and make our gardens more wildlife-friendly
  • We will support our local shops and businesses
  • We will get involved with community activities